Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Teaching deaf people...

This morning, I went to a new fitness class run by Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer Naomi, for deaf people. It's 6 weeks classes for deaf people. To educate deaf people about fitness and healthy food. I went along to meet Naomi as we have been emailing each other for a bit about fitness. I'm interested in fitness and was hoping to work in fitness industry if possible, in the future.

I'm involved with a charity for the deaf to help me to find work and go on training courses etc. They told me about Naomi and got her to contact me. I was grateful for her help and advice. So I knew I had to go to her classes and went along to first class this morning.

For me, it was basic as we were getting to know each other and I had more knowledge than others, of course as I've a passion in fitness! But it was interesting to see what others knew about fitness and healthy food. During the class, I had to explain some things to deaf people and realised something!

I am deaf and sign language user but use SSE - Sign Supported English - and talk to my family. I rely on lip reading a lots and understand English very well, mostly! For a while, I haven't been involved in deaf community so I don't always understand BSL - British Sign Language. I've always mixed with hearing people so I've forgotten a bit about BSL.
Within Britain the most common form of Sign Language is called British Sign Language (BSL). BSL has it’s own grammatical structure and syntax, as a language it is not dependant nor is it strongly related to spoken English. 
Another form of sign language used in Britain is known as Sign Supported English (SSE). SSE is not a language in itself. SSE uses the same signs as BSL but they are used in the same order as spoken English. SSE is used to support spoken English, especially within schools where children with hearing impairments are learning English grammar along side their signing, or by people who mix mainly with hearing people.
What I have realised is that I found it hard to explain to deaf people because I had no idea how to translate from English to BSL. That made me think on the bus journey from the fitness class to my gym for another workout - hardcore weights session! I was thinking about how to make it more easier for deaf people to learn and how to teach them using their own language if I ever teach fitness in the future! I found it easier to teach and encourage hearing people, so something have to change in the future if I teach fitness so I can teach fitness to both hearing and deaf people. I found that interesting!

Off now to have a lovely bath after my double workouts this morning then
relax in front of the telly tonight! Bye for now!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Not much exercises this week

This week, I had a course which I really wanted to focus on and nightly I return home with more work. I decided to take a few days off from going to gym planning to do some gentle exercises at home after my course but it never happened.

Before I started my course this Tuesday, I was already tired from a lack of sleep. A lots of it lately! I was struggling to beat my PBs in gym over the w'end and didn't feel I did my best. I then knew it was best to take a couple of rest days from gym to let my body recover and focus properly on my course.

Thought I might go back to gym this w'end but things has happened this week so I have to do some work outs at home. My rare condition were playing up a lots this week leaving me to decide to work out at home so I don't waste my energy travelling to gym. I miss gym a lots, seeing there's plenty of choices on what to work out with and more heavier weights than what I have at home!

I do know my limits and would have rest days or work out at home, gently! But it can be hard cos it's a habit for me to go to gym daily and be hardcore beating my PBs. ( Personal Bests ) 

I am hoping to work out daily for the next 2 weeks starting next Monday if I feel good enough so I would feel good with my body for Australia! :) 

Then when 2 weeks of working out daily is up, I would take it easy packing and doing everything else before jetting off! And freezing my gym membership for a month! I am hoping that I would not forget to exercise over there cos I might have too much fun! :)

For Australia, I  am hoping to buy something fitness related so I can bring it with me and exercise over there! Then when I come back, my membership will be still frozen till 1st Nov, I will be happy to go back to gym but missing Australia! Haha. I think I will find gym hardest when I come back and develop a bad case of DOMS once again! Eurgh! Haha.

Google can be a life-saver for all of us who don't or can't go to gym! Cos we can just look up pictures or videos of exercises! No excuses to not to work out! Unless really ill or need a rest day of course! :)

Bye for now, off to feed myself plenty of protein & carbs in preparation 
to kick ass in the gym next week!