Thursday, 24 April 2014

A month off....

I don't ride on my bike very much during the winter as it's too cold for me and my skin get really sore when it's windy and cold. But I've missed riding on my bike so much and knew I would eventually get back when it get warmer or sunny.

I never got into riding routine for months as I was travelling lately and found it hard to get into a routine once again.

Also I found it hard to get into gym routine so decided to take a month off gym. So last month (March) I went to my gym and spoke to someone about freezing my gym membership for April.

For me I felt it was a great decision as I was focused on fitness a lot and felt bad if I missed a day of weight lifting so needed a break. Also I felt wrecked after travelling and found it so hard to focus because I wasn't sure what I wanted in life. I knew I wanted to keep going with my travelling and knew I would have to eventually settle down one day. I couldn't handle the fact that I was always going to hospitals for my appointments because I wanted to be free and keep going with my travelling but I have to come back home for my appointments, that's very annoying.

So I focused on getting my energy back and went back on medication - not often though as I don't like taking them and I felt I was putting lot of rubbish in my body but needed medication sadly.

Lately it has been very sunny and more often so I went back on my bike. Once again I fell in love with riding and go out riding every few days around my local park. Now I am eager to ride more often and go back to weight lifting.

I always learn something new daily. I am often hard on myself and push myself hard when exercising. Once I get going, I find it hard to stop unless something in life happen such as death or illness. So sometime it can be hard when I can't stop because you have to listen to your body. Unfortunately I have to take breaks now and then for my body when it is struggling to do everyday things, then I have to stop and spend my energy on life other than fitness.

May is coming up soon, I am so looking forward to get back into weightlifting! But I never stopped my high protein diet - it's a a great habit of mine picking high protein foods :)

I am not saying stop exercising, but learn to listen to your body. We all are only human.

No harm in taking a break now and then! Eat rubbish now and then! Pizza is my weakness!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Fitness Courses

I'm sure people close to me know I really want to work in fitness industry so I can help many people to achieve their fitness dreams and to better their health despite me having osteoarthritis.

I was determined to achieve this dream, I even researched many courses online and contacted some people about this. I spoke to my local gym about work experience and courses. One staff told me about a certain company so I contacted the company about the courses.

I spoke to a nice lady via email about me joining but then it took ages to get more replies from her. I later on learnt she left the company and no one knew about me. I was pissed about that but carried on with the process of joining a course 'fitness instructor level 2'.

But then I went to Australia in October and wasn't sure if I could keep in contact via email so someone else did all of the organising for me. I later learnt that they couldn't get an interpreter for the date I wanted to start. I was disappointed until they suggested a different date as there were other course starting in November few weeks after coming home from Australia. I thought that was perfect so I could have time to get over jet lag.

But then I had bad news when I came home from Australia and thought that I wasn't up to the course. I nearly pulled out but then thought it was best to keep busy. I started buying few things such as folders and note pads for my course. Then suddenly at the last minute just before my course started I was let down because they emailed me saying they can't afford interpreters for my course. I was so gutted but angry because they let me down badly and at the last minute!

Then in December I decided to try again but with different companies. I contacted my local college about enrolling. It was all fine and I applied via email but then it took a while to hear from them.

I got someone else to contact the college, and eventually I heard from them but I was going to Thailand in January and the time was too tight as the course was starting in February. So I told the college that I was going travelling and might not be able to keep in contact via email. I didn't know there were many places that offered free wifi in Thailand! 

Sadly due to personal reasons, I had to pull out of the course - a week before the course start. I'm gutted about not being on the course next week but that's life.

I'm thinking of the word 'Karma!!' 

One day!!