Friday, 19 July 2013

A little about me...

I'm Kelly, unique girl with few health issues but determined to have a life and always find some ways to better my life. Fitness is one of it!
I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and around 2/3 years old I was diagnosed with Keratitis Ichthyosis Deafness syndrome, it is a rare, genetic, multi-system disorder. One of the symptoms is Alopecia. An autoimmune disease involving loss of all/some hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes. There is no known cause or cure. I have had this since birth. It mainly affects my eyes (Keratitis), skin (Ichthyosis) and hearing (Deafness).

My Achilles tendons were too short, so had many operations till in my early twenties. 

Now 25, about to be 26 in late August!

I was involved with sports at schools but clearly, I was different from them.

Growing up, I wanted to be active and do a lots of sports but the more older I got, the more harder I found it to do sports. Even simple things such as running or jumping. 
Can't even ice skate in case I fall over and break something.

Aged 21 when I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.
I knew for years before it was confirmed but still, to have it confirmed 
I thought only old people get it but no, young people do get it.
I spent a lot of times in Musgrave Hospital; there were a lot of children, on same ward as me, had rheumatoid arthritis so I wasn't really surprised or shocked to find that I have osteoarthritis.
I just accepted it but worried about my future 
as I was so young and already had limits.

Looking back it make me so angry that doctors just gave me medication or suggested surgeries when they could have suggested clean eating and a lot of exercises to start with and if it didn't work then surgeries I would be more accepting of that. But it's done now and at least I am loving my clean eating and working out.

Aged approx 19, I joined Fitness First so I could be a client for my best friend who was training to be a personal trainer but always wanted to get more fit too. I missed being active but was always in hospitals and couldn't be active.

Joining Fitness First gave me a kick up the bum cos now I have a lots of knowledge of fitness and clean eating. 
I also started my fitness journey by changing my diet but it was baby steps!
I then switched from white bread/pasta/rice etc to brown bread/pasta/rice etc.
6 years later, I happily can say I don't miss chips, crisps, chocolate and sweeties etc.
Never thought I would say this! But it's the truth :)

But then things have happened in my life and 
couldn't make a commitment 
so I left Fitness First.

Fed up of my health issues and the pain I had daily I then decided to join Fitness First, over 2 years ago again, and never looked back! 

I missed weight lifting but wanted to get fit first.

Enjoyed fitness classes and being at gym again but during my bridesmaid dress fittings for my best friend's wedding, I was so fed up finding out it didn't fit and had to be taken in.

I then decided something had to be done after the wedding back in summer 2012.

Once the wedding was over, I looked online and saw my cousin liking her friend's page so I checked the page out and found it was Jill, a fitness model & personal trainer.

I thought I try something new and decided to contact her for few sessions and a new programme that will help me to gain weight.

But before that, I was still learning about fitness and found that fitness models exist, I didn't know anything them so I did a little research on them. 

I then found some well known fitness models and fell in love with their determination & hard work to achieve fitness model bodies.
I then knew what I wanted, which was to achieve fitness model body cos it mean hard work and I love that! I knew it would be a long process since I struggle to put on weight but I accepted the challenge and told Jill that I wanted that. She then gave me a programme and taught me few things. I started on the programme back in September 2012 and found clean eating so easy since I already was eating healthy and had no problems giving up more things & I knew it was best for me.

Few months later, I gained weight but also lost weight. It was a huge learning curve for me but enjoyed every minute of it even though sometime it can be hard.

Now I'm addicted to weight lifting / strength training and found that I can be hard on myself so I always switch routines up - not following my programme at the moment - and just enjoy the process of getting results and clean food.

One day I'll go back to my programme, maybe not but I do have more knowledge now and know what I'm doing in gym on weights day. I'm happy about that! I must be doing something right because I am getting results - slow progress is better than no progress - and still enjoy gym! :)

Also I cycle in my home area so that is one of the ways I stay fit.

That is all I can say for now! :)

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