Sunday, 4 August 2013

Exciting times in the kitchen

The week of 22nd July, I was suddenly in the mood for cooking and baking using recipes I found online. That week was mad, I was forever washing the dishes and using the oven. It was sure hot! But I was in a great mood and fancied baking different protein snacks and clean eating treats.

23rd July I made fruit protein bars. I was excited cos I loved eating them and knew I was going to make it again and again! Something new! I get bored of food easily so I always have to do something creative in the kitchen so I can still like food and have them! But then I became hooked on eating them, even ate maybe 4 bars a day. It was so simple and handy. I could grab them out of the fridge and bring them with me whenever I go out and can't eat at home. Perfect as 'on the go snack/meal'!

I saw a recipe online for courgette chips and was keen to try them out so I got everything I need to make them. I knew they would be yummy since I love courgettes but was fed up of using them in salads and wanted to do something different. As ground almonds were used to make them, they would be crunchy which would be perfect for my need to eat crunchy snacks while watching movies!

Once I made them and put them in the oven, I started getting movies ready and put on comfy PJs.

When they were ready, I sneakily ate one of them and fell in love with healthy 'chips' and soon couldn't  stop munching on them. I then knew how many courgettes I would need for next time! They were delicious! Only the problem is that I finished them too fast!

I am a sad person if I get excited when I like the recipes I find online!

25th July I made cheesy Kale 'chips' as I couldn't find spinach so had to get Kale. Yummy! Also I made peanut butter cookies but left them in the oven far too long. They were yummy but had to make a 2nd attempt few days later and they were better! Again I couldn't help munching on them and finished 10 cookies in 2 days! Oppss!

I definitely have a problem controlling myself with yummy eat clean treats! :)

26th July I couldn't help myself and made more eat clean treats! I have a sweet tooth but better at controlling myself than before as I used to munch on chocolate and sweeties! No more :) I made eat clean macaroons and turkey balls. Again I finished off macaroons in 2 days, yum!!

Think I might have a baking week monthly! Not weekly or I would have a serious problem controlling myself with eat clean treats heehee.

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