Monday, 19 August 2013

Having spotters at gym...

My bestie lives in England but visits Northern Ireland - her home country - now and then since her family live here. Also her best friend - me! - live here too.

She's staying here for 2 weeks, this month August, and a bit so thought to get her 2 weeks gym membership for her birthday in July. Of course at the gym I go to!

Her hubby joins in too! Sorted 2 weeks gym membership out for him so they could come to gym together to work out with me.

I love weight lifting / strength training, so do she!

I knew we could be spotters for each other, which can be great if need to lift more heavier than usual and having encouragement too.

First session, Mon 19th, went great despite me having a bad case of legs DOMS - Delayed onset muscle soreness! We all trained our arms & shoulders. Got a personal best on Skull Crushers for my triceps! That's a perfect day for me, cos results make me happy!

Best thing about having a spotter or spotters you could achieve more personal bests! I do achieve them when I am on my own but still, having spotters can be great now and then!

Having great company and talk/sign fast during our short rests in betweens sets! Haha

Sharing our knowledge and experience can helps a lots! Sometime we need fresh ideas to prevent us from getting bored in gym but I don't think I will get bored of weightlifting for a while!!

One session with them down, many to go! Will enjoy a lot of sessions with them for next 2 weeks till they go home but then I do go to visit them over in England and they do have weight lifting equipment!
Bye for now, I am off to soothe my poor muscles and eat my bodyweight of protein! 

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