Monday, 26 August 2013

Bursts of energy!

The week of 19th August, I had really bad DOMS - Delayed onset muscle soreness and I believe it was because I haven't been to gym for almost 2 weeks and was carrying on with my workouts on little sleep. To me, lack of sleep is evil!

But then I started getting a little more sleep and soon my DOMS were going away which made me determined to carrying on lifting heavy! I hate the word 'Light'
Light lifting?! Nah!
Only time I lift light is when I've hurt myself.

Once I started sleeping a bit more I suddenly get bursts of energy that week and was wanting to work out daily. I did that 7x in a week, normally I get rest days but that week I didn't! But I do know my limits and if I feel I need a rest day then I'll have it!

I was sooooo happy all week beating my personal bests, the best thing ever! :)

Feeling more determined and have this attitude of 'bring it on!'

I am making the most of my sessions when I am full of energy!

Bad thing about being full of energy is being determined to lift heavy and try to beat more of my personal bests then getting pissed off when I don't see any free bench or stupid guys using wrong equipments eg the other day I felt like killing a guy who used leg press machine to do arm curls using a bar bell. Oh come on! I wanted to use it but was carrying on with other exercises for different muscles. Bloody hell!

Think I might be becoming a diva! My fitness peeves are increasing, funnily enough when I first joined a gym aged 19 I didn't really have fitness peeves I think it was because I wasn't really into fitness that much.

Just finished 8th session in a row, this morning. When will my energy run out?!
Leaving me wanting a rest day!

Can tell it's going to be another great week!

Bye for now! 

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