Friday, 16 August 2013

A bad flare up!

Thanks to Keratitis Ichthyosis Deafness (KIDsyndrome,
I had a bad flare up with my eyes recently.
At first, I thought it was a bad case of hay fever as I had watery eyes and runny nose.
But then when I started taking hay fever tablets it stopped.
Even though something wasn't right, my vision wasn't great.
I soon knew it was the same problem I now and then get with my eyes.
I got fed up with headaches and feeling sick
I missed going to gym and clean eating.
I knew it was best to stay away from gym and rest at home.
Rang hospital for an appointment and was booked in for September.
One day my vision started getting blurry and very sore.
I decided it was too much and I couldn't wait for next month appointment.
I had so many plans for August and September I wanted to have best vision.
So on Tues 13th, I texted my mum so she could make a quick phone call to hospital.
Told them that emergency appointment was needed!
I quickly got dressed and arranged for an interpreter to meet me there.
It was the longest afternoon of my life!
Spent hours there waiting to see the nurse and doctor.
Got seen by the nurse and explained what happened.
I then got told to wait in the waiting room for the doctor!
I didn't get seen till 2 hours later!
Whilst I was waiting, I started to feel ill as my headache was so bad.
Very quickly my mood changed, I was ready to kill the doctor.
But he was lucky cos he had called me in.
Left the hospital more happier, with treatments.
Slowly but surely my vision is improving and I am eating more.
When I get bad headaches I lose my appetite.
Hopefully I'll get back to gym this Sat 17th, if not then it will be after the w'end.

How much has my life changed since I fell in love with weight lifting?!
A lots!

My mood easily change, in a bad way, when I've not been weight lifting for few days.
My body had changed a lots, more shapely!
Made me more happier!

I'm loving Instagram because I can find role models there.
Can talk with people who have health issues and still include fitness in their lives.
Like me! :)

My Instagram: missfitnesschick

I'm strong as I love the way life throw challenges at me and I am still here.

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