Thursday, 8 August 2013

What a week!

On 24th July, I woke up very early around 4/5am because it was too warm and sticky. I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't so I decided to get light breakfast and hit the gym for 6.30am work out. Afterwards I felt so good and full of energy so I knew it was the best decision to work out early instead of staying in bed tossing and turning!

I then rode to my mum's very fast, even I was shocked myself and wondered if I would crash early in the afternoon cos I had a bad night sleep and was tough on myself in the gym lifting heavy!

Later that evening, I started to get really tired and wanted a cheat meal but didn't have it because it would be for wrong reasons. Only times I have cheat meals are when I crave it or want it not when I am too tired and lazy to do something in the kitchen. I do food preparation but now and then I do run out of food before the day of my grocery shopping and end up having a cheat meal, normally off Dominos! I am only an human! I love pizza!! :)

Now and then on my leg days I do adductor exercise and found that on my last set that week I used 60 kg/lbs out of 80 kg/lbs and felt it was too easy but I was chuffed about that! Next time I'll go heavier and soon will hit the last weight of 80 kg/lbs! :)

On 29th July I stayed at my mum's for a week, to look after the pets, as she was going away to see her sister & niece. Because my family don't share the same passion as me for clean eating I ended up doing a lot of food preparation beforehand and bought nearly everything I have to my mum's.

Things we do for fitlifestyle!
'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail,' one of my favourite quotes! 

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