Monday, 9 February 2015

Cash for Kids 5K a day 1st week

“I’m taking part in Cash for Kids #5KaDay challenge where I’m completing 5K every day for 25 days! I want to raise £1 for every km of km I complete so please sponsor me and help make a big difference to kids in NI.  So far I’ve walked the height of the London eye 185 times or climbed Slieve Donard 30 times” 
KELG68 any amount to 70070

Apps: Steps and iRunner to track my progress. I also track my progress using a treadmill or stair master in gym but mostly I cycle outside so it's not boring! :)

Started the challenge on Sunday 1st February and I was struggling because I detest cardio even though I love cycling but still. And also I couldn't find my bike pump so one of my wheels didn't have enough air in it and that made cycling a little impossible. I was so out of breath, cycling is so hard when the wheels are soft! Or even uphill! *shudders*

I had to go to someone else to borrow their pump to fill the air in my wheels so I could ride faster. Sure enough it got easier and I was soon enjoying cycling 5k almost daily when I am not in the gym.

I've got some posters up on my bedroom wall and I fill it in daily to track my progress and how I'm feeling as well. It's a great motivation :) 

One day in the afternoon, I felt so lazy because I didn't do 5K that day as I was saving it for that night. My body soon got used to cycling and I was starting to get itchy if I didn't do 5K when I wake up. Now and then I wait till it's dark outside so I could ride in the local park without disturbing children and dogs too much as it's normally busier in the day time. 

Now I've got some wee personal goals to make the 5K a day challenge more exciting and that is like, try to beat my record time. Now and then I do HIIT (high-intensity interval training) which would be speeding up for a bit then ride gently for a bit before speeding up again so I don't get bored of the challenge or cycling almost daily.

Now I feel awesome and love to cycle daily again as I don't cycle outside much in winter. So cold and very harsh on my skin, I have K.I.D Syndrome and it affect my skin so normally avoid cycling for long periods in the winter. 

Bring on the rest of the month! Fitness Freak here! :)

PS thank you for the donations so far!! 

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